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It always seemed sad to me that whenever the name Sharon Tate is said, it is always in hushed reverent tones. Her name is usually followed by, “Oh that poor woman” or “how horrific was her murder.” All of these sentiments are true. However, I think that only remembering Sharon Tate by her tragic murder in 1969 is an insult to her memory. It is best that we see the life in her death, not the death in her life.

When I hear her name, I don’t think about the grotesque nature of her death. Instead, I think of the hypnotic presence she brought to the screen with her notable performances being The Fearless Vampire Killers and Valley of the Dolls. One of the qualities that has intrigued loyal followers of hers for years was the effortless beauty that she embodied, both inwardly and outwardly. Sharon was known for her natural beauty, which made her the subject of envy amongst celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Novac. Sharon’s effortless beauty and glowing personality made her a threat to other Hollywood bombshells.


When you break it down to just the bare facts, Sharon’s style reflected her personality: simple and free-spirited. To contrast with the styles of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon’s style had a no-fuss approach. Sharon had been known to wear leather straps on her feet to look like sandals so that she could walk into restaurants and shops in Beverly Hills. She was a true free-spirited flower child, that’s for sure!

I once had an ornate beaded elastic that was similar to the leather straps that Sharon would wrap around her feet. I wanted to see if I could get away with wearing these elastics like Sharon and once I was done, it looked like I was wearing a pair of delicate sandals. I went to a few stores and was anxiously waiting for someone to kick me out because I violated the “no shoes no service” policy. No one noticed. I’d like to think Sharon was acting as my little fashion guardian that day.


Similar to Marilyn Monroe, Sharon’s personal style was one that reflected the elegance and importance of looking and feeling like a woman. Her clothes were not baggy and, much like myself, she was not into the Granny Coat fad that others during the 1960s were interested in. Instead, Sharon preferred her clothes be tailored to her body. She liked tailored clothes, even most of her Peasant Tops were tailored to her figure.

In reviewing her style, Sharon was very eclectic, very free-spirited, and a combination of sexy while embodying a child-like innocence. This added to her overall appeal because she was a beautiful juxtaposition of a Hollywood sex symbol and the girl next door.


Particularly known for her love of looking natural, she wore make-up seldomly. However, when she did wear make-up, Sharon was sure to have her make-up down simplistically rather than caked on.

Sharon created a deceivingly simplistic art of applying thick, black, false eyelashes for that desired dramatic affect. To contrast with her ash brown and mousy blonde hair, Sharon would apply brown eye shadow around her lips.

Something that I always found interesting about Sharon was that instead of applying heavy lipsticks or glosses to her lips, Sharon faithfully applied vaseline to her lips. That’s right, vaseline! She was known to keep little jars in her car.

Sharon is proof that you don’t have to cake on make-up or wear super extravagant outfits to be sexy or beautiful. Sometimes the biggest statement that one can do is just be loyal to the styles that truly reflect who you are.


“I’m just me. If I am sexy, it’s just something I do naturally, like picking up a knife and fork to eat. I think people who try to be sexy are the most unsexy people in the world.” ~ Sharon Tate