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269c81f7f1e6dc1b4095ad51b0f47d48I know that most of my fashion inspirations of the week have been Old Hollywood figures, but if I only looked back into the past, I’d never see the wonderful fashions of the future. It’s important to have a healthy compartmentalization of vintage fashion and modern trends.

That compartmentalization can be found in singer and songwriter, Lana Del Rey. Lana, who is best known for her songs “Blue Jeans” and “Young & Beautiful”, has certainly made a name for herself in the fashion world as well as the music industry. Her eclectic fashion merges with her quirky and intrinsic poetic nature, resulting in the burgeoning of a fashion icon.


Lana Del Rey is probably one of the few modern fashionistas that I identify with. Like me, Lana is very much inspired by vintage fashion and draws inspiration from Old Hollywood figures such as Marilyn Monroe. Lana’s gently curled hair, strategic makeup and delicately placed accessories are something right out of the past.

While definitely inspired by nostalgia, Lana is sure to take advantage of the current world of fashions as well. Whether she utilizes that through crop tops, cut-off jeans and shorts or a pair of worn sneakers, Lana manages to integrate today’s trends to the vintage looks that she loves wearing.
6b8eae5f44e5e7b256db69ed3fe3c04cOne of Lana’s most famous lyrics are, “Live fast, die young, be wild and have fun.” It’s obvious that this lyric is applied to most aspects of her life, including her fashion philosophy. She is not afraid to wear big and bold patterns and I am sure by this point, she has worn every colour in the rainbow.

The best way to look at fashion is to make yourself a blank canvas, in which your fashion are your colours and pastels. That is the Lana Del Rey guarantee.
be57d25d56585b07b4d4c96e1e6e5cfeSure, Lana looks great when she’s all dolled-up. But what people forget is that Lana is a New York City girl; she is comfortable with her jeans and sneakers. And that isn’t a bad thing. The casual look can be done in a way that makes you look like a cool cat while still being comfortable. Whenever Lana wore a pair of jeans or denim cut-offs, she always paired them with a printed top or graphic shirt to keep herself from looking sloppy.

Pairing the look with a pair of low top converse or Keds gives you the casual cool look that Lana Del Rey certainly has inspired.

c5b2e941f2ff1d167f03500108518ba6“Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia and draws inspiration from the best of the past.” ~ Lana Del Rey