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  1. He spoke to me with words and I looked at him with feelings.
  2. I was on fire and he used me to light his cigarette.
  3. I didn’t want to be one half of something that didn’t exist.
  4. He didn’t know something was wrong when I said that I was fine.
  5. I tried breaking down his walls and broke myself in the process.
  6. He was my best-selling novel; I was the dream he forgot about in the morning.
  7. I was where he would go to remember how much people miss him when he’s gone.
  8. We only kissed in the dark.
  9. He’s too damaged; I’m too weak.
  10. I didn’t have patience for the word “maybe.”
  11. He guarded himself with tsunamis. I protected myself with fire.
  12. I made a home out of him, but he wouldn’t let me in.
  13. Waiting as a form of hell.
  14. The one who cares less controls the relationship and we were both power-hungry.
  15. I wanted words and I got nothing.
  16. We were both afraid of being alone but did not embrace each other’s company.
  17. He was alright letting go of nice things.
  18. The false hope became my only companion.
  19. It wasn’t my choice, I swear. I stepped outside for air and he locked the door.
  20. I asked for a glass of wine and he laced it with arsenic.
  21. He never had feelings, only ideas.
  22. We were always two strangers learning how to fall in love with each other again.
  23. My friends thought I was crazy.
  24. The less I gave, the more I got back.
  25. I could forgive him for being afraid. I couldn’t forgive him for being a coward.
  26. He did nothing as he watched me leave.
  27. I said nothing as he reduced me down to nothing.
  28. He was like an ulcer on the inside of my cheek that my tongue could not stop touching until it got infected.
  29. I became obsessed with the one who did not love me.
  30. No one truly loved him and it made him insecure.
  31. Terrible people awaken all the terrible parts inside of you.
  32. I panicked.
  33. He changed his mind.
  34. Withholding affection as a form of punishment.
  35. He kissed me a paragraph and I replied with a novel.
  36. The truth hurt, but our lies were worse.
  37. Sometimes the things we love will kill us, but weren’t we dying anyway?
  38. He sent me a text that said “wanna chill?”
  39. I wanted to be happy more than I wanted him to be mine.
  40. People are people and we destroy everything we touch, including each other.
  41. I could turn him into poetry, but I could not make him love me.
  42. We both wanted our secrets back.
  43. I was a consolation prize.
  44. One minute he was a cigarette break, and the next he was a forest fire.
  45. His smile was beautiful; his heart was a crippled old thing.
  46. I might’ve been gone, but at least I never walked out.
  47. He was a mountain I had to climb; I was a poem he didn’t understand.
  48. Absence was always present.
  49. He was the most addicting drug of all and forced me to go to rehab.
  50. His confidence thrived off my envy.
  51. I was born for leaving.
  52. He only knew what I wanted him to.
  53. I loved the person I thought he was.
  54. I didn’t want him to push me off the same cliff twice.
  55. I deserved happiness, so I left.