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My loves!

Slowly but surely, I am getting through this challenge on instagram and twitter and I am having the time of my life. I know for me, clothes are a source of joy for me because they help me to express who I am and what I am feeling without ever actually  have to say anything. And I am certainly discovering different ways to say who I am and how I am feeling.

I have also found that this challenge is making me become more bold. All my life, I’ve always been a bit shy and apprehensive about taking a risk, no matter what that risk may be. My clothes have acted like an armour for me, in the sense that I am not afraid to be unapologetically myself and I don’t feel like I should shy away from it.

So without further a due, here are days 6, 7 and 8.


Whoever said that turtlenecks are reserved for old ladies in the middle of winter clearly wasn’t adventurous enough to try and challenge that. With the brisk autumn air reminding us that summer is over, it’s important to find some chic new ways to be fashionable without compromising your warmth. The way I tackled that was to pair a simple black turtleneck with a creme lace midi skirt. This look is still girly and simple and is perfect for the fall weather. Pair it with a simple pearl necklace and a cute pair of flats and you are ready to go.


Turtleneck – H&M

Skirt – Forever21

Pearl Necklace – Forever21

Shoes – Winners 


When in doubt, wear red. As one of my favourite colours, I am a firm believer that a red lip or article of clothing will make any outfit pop. Especially if your outfit is rather minimalist. Because my blouse was white and my pants and flats were black, they needed a good pop to avoid being a boring outfit. Even when I took my coat off, the red lipstick still keeps the outfit snazzy.


Trench Coat – Calvin Klein

Top – Forever21

Pants – Winners

Flats – Winners

Necklace – Thrift Shop


Who said that jeans and white shirts are boring? The trick is knowing how to accessorize it. This safari inspired outfit combines my love of hats, skinny jeans and heels without looking tacky or like a costume. Calvin Klein dark wash jeans are super comfortable. They also make a big statement, but they aren’t so dramatic that they take away from the outfit. Tucking in my sleeveless blouse, all I had to do was put on a hat, belt and the boots my mother is quite proud to have picked out for me and I was out the door!

unnamedBlouse – Banana Republic

Hat – Forever21

Ring – Forever21

Bracelet – Gift from my grandmother

Belt – Forever21

Jeans – Calvin Klein

Ankle Booties – Plato’s Closet