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723915d257a1900fa7e56c98761c2d6cWomen are crazy about sharp dressed men. And One Direction heart throb Harry Styles is as sharp as they come.

At twenty years of age, Harry has taken the world by storm with his sold out world tours and chart-topping singles. And based on his frequent front row appearances during fashion week has him slowly taking the fashion world with full force. And judging by how his look has evolved since his X-Factor days, I’d say that the world of fashion is ready for Harry Styles.


The handsome British boy bander has been doing his best to support British brands like Burberry by being a fixture during their fashion shows and stepping out in their clothes. Much like his own personal style (ha!), Burberry has received much acclaim for looking classic and understated, not distracting from the person behind the clothes.

Something that I personally appreciate about Harry’s wardrobe is that he is not afraid to try blend the high fashion look with more casual pieces. His outfit at the Burberry fashion show (as seen above) is a perfect example. Harry paired his Burberry leopard print shirt with a black boyfriend coat from the same brand, but wore a pair of distressed black jeans and ankle booties.

This look exhibits the classic and couture look that represents Burberry, but it also does not make it look like Harry is trying to look older than he is. Harry has proved that you can be well-dressed while still looking youthful.

bd03900ff32ada0fc5b30dffbd76f01dEven when he is dressed down, Harry still manages to not look like he just rolled out of bed and throw on whatever he found on the floor.

The thing that makes Harry’s sense of fashion work is that he is simplistic. He isn’t flashy or gaudy, which is an extreme that some men tend to gravitate toward when it comes to clothes.

At the same Burberry fashion show, Harry wore a clean pair of dark wash jeans and he always revolutionized the graphic t-shirt by wearing one with a plethora of women’s hands. Again, this look is simple but it is dramatic enough that you would stop and stare.


Accessories are a girl’s best friend. The same applies for men.

While his arms full of tattoos are accessory enough, Harry has been known to wear multiple rings and bracelets. Fans have become very accustomed to his famous paper airplane necklace and chain.

Gentlemen, rings and such are not just for women. Men can wear them too. And quite well, might I add.

If men dressed a little bit more like Harry Styles, guaranteed they might have a few more dates.

9568acba6ca9e2f7270e706a401c960f“I was wearing new jeans today and have just realized that I went the whole day with the sticker on my leg.” ~ Harry Styles