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My good friend Heather is a photographer and she also has her own blog right here. Combining Heather’s love of photography and my love of fashion, we collaborated on a little fall photo shoot. This is also part of my #100DaysofFashion challenge.

So give a big thanks to the lovely Heather Davidson, because without her these pictures would not have turned out as well!


(Photo by Heather Davidson)


(Photo by Heather Davidson)


(Photo by Heather Davidson)

Leather Jacket – Thrift Shop

Blouse – M for Mendocino 

Belt – M for Mendocino

Skirt – M for Mendocino

Necklace – A gift my nonna brought back from Morocco 

Eclipse Ring – Suzy Sheer 

Heels – Burlington Coat Factory 

Headband – Etsy 

100 – 9 = 91 days left! 

Again, be sure to check out Heather’s blog