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19807ab5bff280f69c8286448e1e5e33It feels like forever since I’ve done an Inspiration of the Week, so I’ll try to start that back up at least twice and month now (Fingers crossed!). This week, I am really admiring model, Kate Upton. With her blonde hair, model features and killer curves, you can’t help but compare her to Old Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.

Whatever your opinion of her is, you just can’t deny that Kate Upton is an ‘It Girl’.


It isn’t a secret that Kate goes against the stereotypical model stature, but I don’t see anyone complaining. Kate is quite proud of the fact that she is a woman and she celebrates that by choosing clothes that accentuate her curves.

Whether she is wearing a dress, a bathing suit or a pair of jeans, Kate is not shy or uncomfortable in her body. Her body positivism just makes her clothes look even better somehow. Confidence is always the best accessory.


She may have made her career by prancing around in scantily-clad bikinis, but when she dresses up, Kate dresses to impress. Her best photo shoot to date so far has been her Vogue spread.

When I first saw the photos, all I could think was that Kate looked like Marilyn Monroe. Yes, she had the short curly blonde hair and the mole by her lip, but I was paying attention mostly to what Kate was wearing. Her outfits not only flattered her curves, but her clothes also were simple and classic. She looked every inch a lady and it was a nice change of pace from her Sports Illustrated covers and photo shoots.

I really hope that Kate does more high fashion photo shoots in the future so we can see how her sense of style has evolved. b43919f10993a2ea2e0685a0b352a937

“I’ve always loved fashion, but it’s not what I set out to do.” ~ Kate Upton