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b5e492cd615d4ff05619bc0031015af0On Thanksgiving, it’s tradition to give thanks, just as a family, for each other, for good health and fortune, good food and grades. A time to reflect, to pause and cherish all the beautiful things one has; one day free from wishing for all the things one doesn’t.

Between the cooking and the eating, religious or not, you say a quick prayer, to whomever or whatever, for your loved ones who are not well and the loved ones who are no longer here.

Instead of just being thankful just one day of the year, be thankful everyday for the people that came into your life and stayed. So few come and don’t go.

The people in my life – both my family and my friends – are the wonders of my world and they have bettered my life simply by just being in it. Their love and support has shaped me into the person I am today.

On Thanksgiving, please, be thankful.