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All throughout my university career, I have never worn sweatpants to class. Actually, I don’t even own a pair, save for a pair I use as pyjamas. I have never had a “lazy day” and have always planned cute outfits for my days ahead.

People often asked me where I get this motivation from. “How can you be so stylish all the time?” “Don’t you ever just want to be lazy and wear sweatpants?”

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with wearing sweatpants. For me personally, it is about feeling good. I do not feel good about myself when I wear sweatpants. I use my clothes as an expression of how I am feeling about myself and I want them to reflect me feeling confident.

I have listed a few tips that have helped me find the motivation to be well-dressed, even if it is just wearing jeans and a cute top. If you have any other tips, feel free to comment below!

  • Plan your outfit the night before 

 clueless-piles-of-clothesSomething that motivates me to not fall into that “lazy” pattern of rolling out of bed and throwing on a pair of sweatpants is to have an outfit planned the night before and having it laid out. I find this helps motivate me as  up already knowing what I am going to wear, so I don’t have to scramble to assemble something in the morning.

Not only does this save time in your morning routine, but you can also take as much time as you want the night before to plan the outfit and coordinate the  best-suited accessories for it.

  • Create a Polyvore and Pinterest account 

Polyvore is a community powered social commerce website that allows you to create outfit sets. You can create different looks and experiment with different styles, which I find has helped me to create a wish list of looks that I want in my own closet.Polyvore Logo

Before I go shopping for the pieces, I can create different looks so I can see how they will fit into my own wardrobe and if they are looks that fit my own person style.

pinterest-logo-2Pinterest is another great way to search for different looks and see how others put them together so you can have some kind of direction into the looks you want and the looks that you like. Pinterest is also fun because, while some see it as a total time-waster, it can offer tips and a plethora of DIY tips with fashion, which can motivate someone to try it out.

  • Borrow from your mom. SeriouslyBnXg_QeIAAAkfKW.jpg-large

I am quite proud admitting that my mom has great style. That is why I don’t have a problem borrowing some of her accessories like shoes, scarves and jewelry. I am also of the belief that what was once fashionable always comes back in style, so I will borrow my mother’s old looks from before she had kids and add a modern spin to it. This recycling of fashion is not only economical, but it also challenges you to test out different looks and find that one staple piece of your outfit.

  • Think ahead

Something that has always motivated me to dress well everyday is thinking about the future. Fingers crossed, once I graduate I am going to have a professional job where I am expected to come in dressed well and looking polished. It is best to get into that habit now so that it becomes second nature when the time finally comes for you to be dressing classy and professional everyday.

  • Just have fun860ba0684f597c88c28effabd9062bb0

Having fun with fashion alone motivates me; I love putting together outfits and having the chance to go out and wear them. I see it as a fun experience where I can express how I am feeling on a particular day and just enjoy myself.

Putting an outfit together is only a daunting experience if you let it be I would encourage you to go through your closet and try experimenting with whatever clothing and accessories you may have. It is almost like doing a scavenger hunt and you will discover just how much fun it really is to put your sweatpants away for the day.