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Hey everyone!

So, the fall semester is getting crazy and the weather is getting colder, but the outfits are also getting snazzier!

I am still as determined as ever to get this challenge done before I graduate from Laurier and I am definitely getting creative with my outfit choices. Hopefully I can keep it up and not get lazy.

So without further a due, here are days 10-15.


Saying that you don’t look good in a hat is like saying you don’t look good in shoes.

As a hat lover, I think that hats of any shape will really make an outfit go from boring to interesting. It acts as the key accessory and it is the first thing that people notice when they look at you.

Paired with blazer and a skater skirt, the hat pulled my outfit together as the perfect fall look.


HAT – Urban Planet

Blazer – H&M

Blouse – Banana Republic 


Despite it being the dominant colour of my outfit, I was not feeling blue.

I am of the opinion that royal blue is universally a flattering colour for every skin tone and I think that you need to start adding pieces with this colour into your closet now.

I also had fun with the all blue ensemble. I was hesitant at first, but I decided to feel confident about this experiment and have decided that this would be a look that I would wear again in the future.

Confidence is key, in the world of fashion.



Headband – Forever21

Top – Forever21

Skirt – Forever21

Pumps – Forever21

Ring – Kate Middleton Engagement ring replica 

Great Gatsby Tote bag – Chapters 


Who said that professional meant boring?

Working as an editor and journalist does call for some professional looks, but it doesn’t demand that I compromise showing my personality through my clothes.

Black and white are simple shades that are often utilized in business casual, but by adding gold accessories, I have allowed my personality to come through and keep this look from being too drab.



Top – Suzy Sheer

Pants – Winners

Pumps – Burlington Coat Factory 

Necklace – Suzy Sheer

Ring – Suzy Sheer 


My mother is someone who I trust completely to pick out clothes for me. And this outfit is just an example of her work.

She bought me this outfit on one of her recent trips to New York City and she had the outfit planned the moment she found the articles of clothing. How my mother didn’t become a fashion stylist is beyond me, because this is one of my favourite fall looks.

Turtlenecks and short skirts with tights are really in at the moment and my love of royal blue comes through with this simple look.

Lesson of the day: Mother always knows best. IMG_2316.JPGTop – Forever21

Skirt – Forever21

Necklace – Forever21

Ring – Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Replica 


Word to the wise: black does not have to be a sad colour.

Just because you wear an ensemble with black as the dominant shade, it doesn’t automatically mean that you are off to a funeral or to a job you hate.

To avoid that kind of look, I suggest wearing fun accessories like a hat, a necklace or a cute pair of ankle booties. And, of course, your best winning smile.










Hat – Urban Planet

Necklace – Plato’s Closet 

BLazer – H&M

Blouse – Forever21

Pants – Winners

Pumps – Guess 


In this look, I combined two of my favourite things: bold colours and leopard print.

With the weather look so dreary outside, you want to wear bold and bright colours that won’t let you look flat or washed out. Red is a perfect colour for that.

Leopard print (And any other animal print, for that matter!) are a fun way to really display your personality. My godmother recently gave me the leopard print kitten heels and by coincidence, they matched an infinity scarf that I already had.

It’s great when outfits pull together, right?

IMG_2337.JPGCoat – Calvin Klein

Scarf – Aldo 

Ring – Forever21

Pants – Winners

Kitten Heels – Town Shoes 


Got an outfit idea? Comment below!