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Days just pass by when you’re dressed to impress.

Although the start of exams is tempting me into wearing leggings and sweaters, I am avoiding falling into that slump and trying to stay as inspired as I can to wear the clothes that make me feel good about myself. You can be stylish without dressing drastically or over-the-top, and that it what I tried to showcase in my outfit for today.


Polka dots are one of my favourite prints. I love them not just because they were the focal print of the 1950s, but they are also fun and upbeat. This polka dot dress is fun and flirt and represents everything girly. The pearls are also a classic touch.

This look is a nod to the fashion of the 50s, an era that very much inspires most of my wardrobe. Every time I wear this particular outfit, it automatically makes me feel happy. That should always be the intention of fashion – make you happy. IMG_2379.JPGDress – Forever21

Tights – Winners

Necklace – Forever21

Ring – Forever21

Pumps – Winners

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