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New year, new me.

With 2015 in full swing now, it’s time to get inspired by another year full of promise, dreams and new trends. I don’t make New Years resolutions, but promises. And the promise I have made to myself this year is to take more risks in all aspects of my life and to stay inspired by all the things that I love, rather than lose myself in things that I know will only hurt me. And one of the things that will inspire me is my love of fashion and dream of being the next Anna Wintour.

I promise that 2015 will be a year of acceptance and risk-taking. This will apply to my sense of fashion, as well.


New Years Eve is an opportunity to be completely decked out in fancy, flirty and jaw-dropping attire. This is when you can unleash your inner bombshell.

While staying in Downtown with my two best friends, I decided to end off 2014 and embrace 2015 with a daring look that I never thought I would wear. The laser cut midi skirt is proof that being sexy doesn’t have to involve showing a lot of skin.

One of my fashion beliefs is that if you want to be sexy on the bottom, you can’t be sexy on the top. Since I made the main focus of my outfit my legs, I chose a simple and understated white crop top. What appealed to me about this top is that it serves its purpose in keeping the outfit clean and pulled together. If I had chosen a top that showed a lot of cleavage, the outfit would come out looking sloppy.

Want to know my other New Years promise? It’s simple, really.

Don’t be envious; be envied.

IMG_2559Top – Vero Moda

Necklace – Banana Republic 

Skirt – Topshop

Ankle Booties – Guess 

Thanks for continuing this fashion adventure with me on both my blog and my instagram!