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c807ce2e4cfcc9019eb3fc74f58e6d19 It shouldn’t be a surprise by now when I tell people that my sense of style is very much inspired by the prominent figures of the Old Hollywood era. So far, I have credited Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate and Judy Garland as my main inspirations from that era. However, there is one that stands out. And that is Lauren Bacall.

Not only was she the envy of women because she was married to Humphrey Bogart, but her beauty and sense of style was desired. Her cheekbones seemed to have been sculpted by angels. Her dirty blonde hair was rarely left in a state of array. And her clothes were always tailored and the definition of classic and chic. All of these factors, combined with her sultry voice and undeniable talent, has made Lauren a household name.

7e29515e2e6f956b42397dd1f0596a09When Lauren made her film debut in To Have and Have Not alongside Humphrey Bogart, audiences were blown away that she was only 19 years of age. This was due to the fact that she had a rather mature look to her face and her wardrobe. Her fashion choices were subtle prints such as gingham, polka dots or houndstooth. She was not flashy or went overboard with her accessories and focused on keeping her looks simple.

This outfit was worn in her debut film and it is exactly something I would wear today. Her matching skirt and blazer paired with a simple black top and beret is a classically chic look and demands respect.

44a62e4b6092489a971e0d9b6ddc5817Lauren was proof that you could be sexy without showing off too much skin. Too often, young women associate sexiness with a lack of clothing, when really it involves how wear your clothes. Lauren’s famous black cutout dress showed a little bit of skin, but it was not inappropriate or outlandish. Rather, Lauren looked sexy while still looking like a classy young woman.

I am of the opinion that this dichotomy should be the aim for every young woman.
956bc36883fca43dc969b74301e5edd7This may possibly be my favourite photo and outfit of Lauren Bacall. Like, ever. Not only do I love it when other celebrities besides Marilyn Monroe channel the famous white dress, but I love the pairing of the red lips and the strong of pearls.

I am all about the classic simple looks of the Old Hollywood era and I think Lauren exemplifies that best here. She kept the rest of her look understated and simple so that she let her outfit do most of the talking. And if her outfit could talk, it would say “face it tiger, you’ve hit the jackpot.”

That’s basically what all women want their clothes to imply, right? 684053a307e86e2bbd8716ef6dcc8ae9“I am not a has-been. I am a will be.” ~ Lauren Bacall