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ebfb56490088b7042fdb33c25c524330I feel like I can justify my somewhat inappropriate crush on Clint Eastwood by gawking at his son, Scott Eastwood. At 28 years old, Scott has his father’s handsome charm, acting chops and sense of style that screams leading man status. Later this year, Scott will be gracing the silver screen in the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel, “The Longest Ride” and there will be plenty of Scott Eastwood to go around. Until then, let’s all collectively swoon over how dashing Scott Eastwood actually is.

eef3606614534c94b05be749e3124bc7Similar to his dad, Scott is what you’d call a “man’s man.” This means that he comes across as masculine. This really comes out in his choice of style. Like most men, Scott is rather minimalist and wears few accessories. His outfits are usually simple in colour and then he will surprise people by inserting a bold colour to his outfits.

Even Scott’s choice to roll up his jeans is a subtle way to reveal how stylish he is without being too overt about it. That was a smart decision on Scott’s part.

5a67c00acae59814d3f700e69bb5d79eNautical fashion is the key ingredient to leading man status, especially since it means that hunks, like Scott, will be mostly topless. While it will be hard to ignore his ripped torso, try focusing on his choice of swimwear. The nautical stripes are a subtle and perfect choice. The overall simplicity gives off a masculine and sexy feel, which Scott was aiming for.


“I’m single…if girls like me, hey, that’s great. I think that’s awesome.” ~ Scott Eastwood