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There’s a badass in all of us.

Since my mother and sisters have been buzzing about their love for Sons of Anarchy, the biker fashion has rubbed off on me. These Topshop leather pants are badass without being too much. I like that they are simple and can be worn with any look I desire. I purposely chose a subtle white blouse, so that it wouldn’t take away from the lower half of my outfit. The peep toe ankle booties contribute to the overall badass approach I took to my outfit.

In terms of my hair and makeup, I decided to go with a look from Valley of the Dolls. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, think of the book by Jacqueline Susann or the 1968 movie with Sharon Tate and Pattie Duke. I drew inspiration from Tate’s depiction of Jennifer North, whose hair and makeup is simple but makes an impression.

B9a20gOIYAATr2hTop – Forever21

Pants – Topshop

Ankle Booties – Plato’s Closet

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