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a534e729e0bdf45e05434a31613b056dI know, it probably seems weird that I am dedicating a post, not just to a fictional character, but to a cartoon character. Well, there is a first for everything and I think Jessica Rabbit is an ode to all women.

In no way was she “a slut.” She never asked for men to fawn over her and instead chose to marry the guy (rabbit) that made her laugh. Safe to say, she is proof that just because you’re beautiful, it doesn’t make you a slut; you’re just gifted in that department. People also forget that she was smart and had a good head on her shoulders. But no; people only remember that she was sexy. There is more depth that meets the eye.

fcf5e16a7a6e32f423c412ded6f02d24Although she wears the same dress throughout Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, her one outfit has made her an icon in toon history.

Modeled after Lauren Bacall, Veronica Lake and Lana Turner, Jessica Rabbit is the epitome of a shapely and sensual woman. Her bust and bodacious hourglass body is celebrated in a form-fitting red gown.

The thigh-high slit in the dress has been a staple in red carpet fashion for years, thanks to Mrs. Rabbit. I am sure that everyone thought about Jessica Rabbit when the “Angie’s leg” Oscars dress stole the headlines. This is proof that you don’t have to be an “in-the-flesh” person to be a fashion icon.

1ddd77f8141dc25a512c3d56d0f7b3de“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” ~ Jessica Rabbit