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IMG_1017If I could have afternoon tea every afternoon for the rest of my life, I’d be one very happy lady.

When I was back in Aurora for my reading week, my mother took my sisters and I to this really small and quaint restaurant called Bijoy’s in our hometown for afternoon tea and it’s safe to say I found a new guilty pleasure.

The culture of Afternoon tea is formerly part of the tradition of the British Empire and takes place typically between 3 – 4 pm in the afternoon. It consists of everyone choosing their own pot of tea and then having three open faced mini sandwiches, two scones and a mini pastry.

I will admit, I am more preferential to coffee, but I do like to change things up and have some tea every now and then. Since black teas tend to give me some pretty severe migraines, I am more partial towards white and green teas. Instead of ordering the safe green tea, I decided to try out the rosebud and petals tea.

B-ZYX7pIMAAhmFzAfter just one sip, I was completely hooked. It’s decaffeinated, smells beautiful and has a wonderful taste. I personally don’t like putting milk or sugar in my tea or coffee, and I think the nature of this kind of tea doesn’t require it. In fact, I think that it might even destroy the overall taste of it.

I might have to buy the loose leaves to keep in my tea cabinet.

When the tower of food came to our table, it was hard not to drool over the delicacy of the food and the presentation. On the bottom tier, there were three kinds of open faced mini sandwiches: cucumber and carrot, turkey and jam and, my personal favourite, smoked salmon and chives.B-ZYX7WIQAAJZCI

The second tier had a plethora of different scones. The scones ranged from cranberries to raisin. There were also mini pieces of banana bread with raisins as well as almond bark. Since I have allergies to almonds, I couldn’t eat them, but I happily took part in the scones and banana bread.

Strawberry jam, lemon marmalade and butter were on the side to accompany the scones.

Finally, the top tier had fudge brownies. Since I have a notoriously bad sweet tooth, I was certainly excited about this. They were delicious but very rich, which is a good thing that the portion was very small.

When we left afternoon tea, I knew that I wanted to do it again. It was a fun experience and I had a good bonding experience with my mother and sisters. And it’s also a fun opportunity to dress classy and pretend that you’re Kate Middleton for the day!