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  1. I wanted the happy ending, he just wanted the end.
  2. I wasn’t the only one he called “Baby.”
  3. He didn’t care that I cried the whole way home.
  4. We each had a civil war which had the casualties of a great war.
  5. I didn’t know that loving him meant I couldn’t love myself.
  6. He thought it was cool that I had scars.
  7. Loving him was like going to war; I didn’t come back quite the same.
  8. His friends made remarks and he agreed.
  9. My friends never thought it would work out.
  10. He was aimless.
  11. I was delusional.
  12. He didn’t deserve to know me the way that he did.
  13. I had everything when I was (not) with him.
  14. He was the only one who didn’t put me on a pedestal.
  15. We never communicated.
  16. I was more afraid of falling out of love with him than I was falling in love.
  17. He didn’t care about the little things that made me, me.
  18. Moving on didn’t mean amnesia.
  19. He was proof that you could be haunted by someone who was still alive.
  20. There was abuse.
  21. I wanted more.
  22. He wished me a happy birthday a week later.
  23. I’m a coward at heart.
  24. He’s too cruel to be loved.
  25. I deserved someone better than him; he deserved someone worse than me.
  26. He didn’t know how to be in a loving relationship.
  27. I didn’t know how to ignore the hurt.
  28. His mouth hurt me more than his hands ever did.
  29. He was a mean bastard when he was drunk.
  30. My arms were made for holding, while his were made for pushing.
  31. I’m going to do great, beautiful things and it made me sad that he’d never see them.
  32. He was selfish; after breaking my heart, he kept coming back again and again to make sure that I never fully recovered.
  33. I felt dirty.
  34. My mother wanted me to get help.
  35. I threw up a lot.
  36. I cried a lot.
  37. I regretted a lot.
  38. I didn’t know what it meant to be treated well.
  39. He told me I wasn’t meaningful.
  40. Is that what love is? A bruise, bleeding underneath where nobody sees it?
  41. I asked when he stopped loving me and he asked when I started noticing.
  42. We loved in shades of grey.
  43. He was a parasite I had mistaken for company.
  44. I felt bad that he had to wake up everyday and be him.
  45. He wrecked me.
  46. I hated him when he was around and even more when he left.
  47. I fell in love with a ghost with a face.
  48. Everybody told me that there was good in goodbye. They didn’t tell me that was all bullshit.
  49. I wouldn’t cry in front of him. I was too proud.
  50. He didn’t care.
  51. It was his world and I just lived in it.
  52. He never apologized.
  53. Any apology I got was half-assed.
  54. But apologies can taste a lot like love, sometimes.
  55. I wanted to key his car.
  56. He is the reason why storms are named after people.
  57. I stopped needing his acceptance and approval.
  58. I saw the light at the end of a hallway that kept getting longer and longer.
  59. I fought for him and I shouldn’t have had to.
  60. I stopped being afraid.
  61. For once, I wanted to be the one that left.