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What can I say? I’m a country girl at heart.

Anyone who is close to me knows that 80% of my iPod is country and folk music and that my favourite local haunt in Waterloo is a tie between two country bars called Dallas and Chainsaw. So naturally, despite my city slicker reputation, I find a lot of inspiration from country fashion.

Funny story about that jean jacket – I actually found it abandoned in my lecture hall during my first year and decided to give it a forever home. My mother bought me the dress as a gift and the boots were found at a thrift store.

While I do not have a horse, I do have my beloved golden doodle, Romeo.

CCpRowzUsAAIUx8Jean Jacket – H&M

Dress – The Flea Market

Cowboy Boots – Thrift Store

Sunglasses – Sister brought these back from Italy!

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