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00/00/1965. TOURNAGE DE "PIERROT LE FOU"If my previous posts weren’t apparent, I’m obsessing over French film, Pierrot Le Fou. the 1965 film revolves around an unhappily married man (played by Jean-Paul Belmondo) living on the run with an ex-girlfriend (played by Anna Karina), who is being chased by OAS gangsters.

When I first watched this movie, I was immediately enthralled with Karina’s wardrobe. They reflected now only Parisian fashion, but they encompass the perfect summer wardrobe. Everything that she wore in this movie were outfits that I myself would wear during the summer season.

tumblr_m4i3293AAu1qkyz1oo1_500I love anything in the colour red. Not only is it my favourite colour, I just think it’s flattering colour on everyone. So you can imagine how much I loved the baby doll dress seen above. I love everything from the colour, to the silhouette to the neckline.

I think that this dress is a perfect example of being girly and representing absolute femininity.

tumblr_mfjadlLcr21rs88h3o1_500Simple dresses make the most grand statements. I love the striped print on this dress and it represents everything about summer: simplicity, femininity and fun. Try having a few dresses like these in your wardrobe for this upcoming summer season – you’d be surprised at home much they compliment your wardrobe.

e939df1a6834219780ea580190b3e6ccI have always loved really atypical beach outfits. The stripes in this outfit are nautical and the red is a lovely warm colour. And I love that the hat is is black and not the standard wheat coloured straw hats.

Lesson I am trying to convey? Mix things up a little bit and be different.

929cc55268dbc47450551681184d623d“I’m just a sentimental girl, that’s all. Only a fool would make a big mystery out of that.”