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As I am sure you have read from my previous post, I find a lot of inspiration from the late Lauren Bacall’s fashion. I have always admired her feminine and simple wardrobe choices, especially since her wardrobe has made her a Hollywood icon.

My godmother recently gifted me with this brown and taupe houndstooth coat, which is perfect because it literally reminded me of the outfits Bacall wore when she stared in To Have and Have Not. I have always been a sucker for floppy hats, so it was destiny that my hat would match my coat.

Throw in a pair of brown bug-eyed sunglasses and I am sure to make Lauren Bacall proud.

CDxZZEiWoAEjdUfHat – Charlotte Russe 

Coat – Vintage store 

Sunglasses – Gift from my sister when she was teaching in Italy 

Ring – My mother’s ring 

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