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Ever heard the expression, “girls don’t dress for boys, they dress for themselves”? Yeah, that was basically written about me.

I have been known to get dressed up when I don’t have work, school or have anyone to see. This weekend, I was home alone and even though no one was around to see my outfit, I still put the effort in.

Today, I decided to rock the Canadian Tuxedo. For those of you not from Canada, this is the wearing of denim on denim. I made sure that my top was a lighter shade than my jeans to avoid looking tacky. I also threw on my rounded glasses and white tennis shoes to go a for chic minimalist look.

I thought this was a great look. Too bad no one was home to see it.


Top – American Apparel 

Glasses – Icing

Jeans – Calvin Klein

Ring – Suzy Sheer

Shoes – H&M 

Thanks for keeping up with my posts!! 🙂