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For today’s day of fashion, I would have to say that my look is a three way product of Beetlejuice, The Wizard of Oz and a Tim Burton Character.

The Beetlejuice print is a particularly hard print to wear, as most people assume that it is part of a Halloween costume that pays homage to the titular character. However, it can be pulled off, as long as you don’t overdo your outfit with obnoxious accessories or overdone makeup.

If you do all that and people still make Beetlejuice comments, who cares? It’s the month of Halloween – you’re allowed to have some Halloween inspired outfits this month!

CQkCTHPUkAEztIfFlats – Winners

Tights – Aldo

Ring – Flea Market

Skirt/Coveralls – Forever21

Long Sleeve – Forever21

Almost done friends!! Exciting things!!