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There is no sense in denying it; everyone is a little obsessed with Kate Middleton and Amal Clooney. Whether you love them for their sense of style, their public image or the fact that they give you major #relationshipgoals, you can’t deny that you don’t just love them a little bit.

I know that I have not hidden my admiration for both women. I feel that they are both good role models, as well as stylish. I feel that we can learn a lot from these two women, if we sit down and think of the ways in which they make our world a beautiful place – both literally and figuratively.

  • Dress classy and simple

2171624f97c26a8eee25ba0b9edd51fdbc10c0e01c9c7ce47beb23d9b2e2f853When looking at Kate and Amal, there are similarities in their style. Both women dress very simple, yet incredibly elegant. Both woman opt for timeless looks and pieces, hence why they are highly regarded in the fashion world. Their styles are not frou-frou at all, yet they are not boring or easy to forget. They make an impression.

  • Smart is the new sexy

f68b06211f1c288e13a67f439779efd8It’s not enough to be just a pretty face. There is value in education and being aware.

Before her lavish royal wedding,Kate was just an average university student at St. Andrew’s. She was described by her peers and former professors as being an intelligent young woman and dedicated to her studies. She had graduated with honours in 2004, proving to the world that Prince William was enamoured with d2fcb7025d66df85d2b0618a2cb738b0more than just her looks.
Amal was a prominent and respected figure long before she became Mrs. Clooney, as she is a well-respected human rights lawyer. She is specialized in international law, criminal law, human rights and extradition. One of her most notable clients was Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. George has said in multiple interviews that when he talks to his wife, he feels like an idiot in comparison to her. Poor fella.

  • Don’t settle in relationships

One married a prince and the other married an Oscar 50347dcf98cbdb6a559dc255c2b6efbfwinner – these ladies did not settle for any Average Joe’s, that’s for sure.

740b9932db7687c123f98dcb58703721Everyone wondered what kind of woman it would take for then-bachelors Prince William and George Clooney to settle down. It’s safe to say that Kate an Amal were the perfect companions, as these woman seem to compliment their husbands.

So the next time you feel like settling into a relationship because it is “safe” and you are afraid of being alone for the rest of your life, don’t lose hope. Your Prince William and George Clooney are out there. Keep looking.

I don’t think of us as a power couple, because I don’t know what that means. I would think a power couple is like, Bill and Hillary seems to be a power couple. I think we’re just a couple with great interest in the human condition. I don’t think of that as particularly powerful; I just think of it as our responsibility as people on the planet ~ George Clooney on Amal

  • Be Kind

This seems like such a cliché, but so many people forget what it means to be kind without expecting anything in return.

909e840166981bb0d2894f19710a2be0Both Kate and Amal have been involved in a plethora of
charity organizations, as well as acting for spokeswomen for a number of organizations. Rather than use their fame to get into exclusive parties, Kate and Amal have decided to be the faces of world issues that inevitably affect us all.

Yes, well I really hope I can make a difference, even in the smallest way. I am looking forward to helping as much as I can. ~ Kate Middleton