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*Not to be confused, but Day 86 was included in my Fashion Week post*

So I’m late with this post just because of who I am as a person – I have officially run out of excuses. So I have two outfits included in this post, as well as my constant promise to do better next time!

DAY 87

When I wore this outfit, I (finally!!) had a day off from my internship and my part-time job, so comfort was key in this case. I went for comfy casual with my Ramones band tank top, my keds, baseball hat and minimal accessories.

To be a little bold, I used my NARS crimson lip pencil.

CSQaFAhUwAAKHNGRamones Tank top – Forever21

Hat – Corona Endorsement 

Shoes – Keds

Camera Ring – Brandy Melville

Sunglasses – Gift from my sister’s trip to Amsterdam

DAY 88

I can thank Annie Hall for being such a staple in my wardrobe choices.

My love of hats and wearing black has never been a secret, but it should be news that I have a new love of the colour yellow. Maybe this love has come forth because its been raining and grey here without any colour, but I have accepted this love with open arms, as it adds a certain pop to my outfits.

CSagBH_WoAARp91Hat – H&M

Blazer – H&M

Top – Mendocino 

Necklace – Gift from my Nonna’s trip to Morocco 

Ring – Forever21

Flats – Plato’s Closet 

12 days left??? Seriously?? This is so crazy!! Going to have to make these last 12 days pretty spectacular 😉