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DAY 91

We’ve officially entered the final ten days and I’m determined to keep my most original and fun outfits for these last few days. I don’t know what I’ll post about once I’m done, but I’ll worry about that when the 100th day actually comes.

Last night, my older sister received the Caring Canadian award from the Governor General at Queen’s Park. There was a rather strict dress code, and while some people get stressed out when the words “business attire” are thrown at them, I don’t feel that same sense of dread.

I bought this vintage Banana Republic peacoat at a consignment store months ago and haven’t had an event to wear it to yet. When I got my invitation, I knew that I would have to create an outfit around this coat.

I paired the coat with my pale pink Betsey Johnson pumps, which I haven’t worn since my graduation from Laurier back in June.

I originally wanted to find a dress that was a pale pink, but that would have been an overload of pink and too “cute” for this particular event. Instead, I decided to colour block and make the coat the big attraction by wearing a simple chiffon shift dress from Topshop.


(with my sisters)


(Before the event)

Coat – Banana Republic

Dress – Topshop

Necklace – Gift from my mother

Pumps – Betsey Johnson 

100 – 91 = 9 more days! AHHHHH