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So, I have a funny story about this outfit.

My mother had a conference to go to, and she took my straightener. Since she took something of mine, I decided to take something from her. Well, I took two things to be exact: the scarf and the boots.

My mother got the scarf from Zara when she was in China last week and these boots of hers have been the envy of the town, so how could I not borrow them?

Also, this pretty warm weather in November has me feeling pretty hopeful that this upcoming winter won’t be too terrible like it has been the last couple of years (Fingers crossed!!).

CT9X8Z4UAAA5trjHat – Urban Behaviour 

Scarf – Zara

Blouse – H&M

Belt – Vero Moda 

Pants – Winners

Boots – Winners 

Thanks for reading my posts! If you have any outfit recommendations, let me know – could definitely use some creative inspiration!!