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In a little over a year’s time, I have successfully completed the #100DaysofFashion challenge. It feels like the longest shortest time. I can remember the very first day I started this challenge, to everything in between and the final concluding outfit. A part of me is really sad that this challenge is over, mostly because I don’t know what I’m going to post about now!

Since you have all been keeping up with my posts, I should tell you why I decided to take part in this challenge. I started making my posts in September 2014, the beginning of my Senior year at Wilfrid Laurier University.

If truth be told, I was feeling less than happy when this challenge first began. I had been feeling anxious about going into my final year of my undergrad, mostly because I was dreading the real world and trying to figure my life out. I also had my own personal issues to deal with, and it was getting to a point where I felt like it was all too much.

So, I did the only thing I felt like I could do – distract myself. And since I was slowly starting to figure out that fashion journalism was the career path that I had wanted to take, I thought that it would be an incredible process to see how my style – and me as a person – would evolve in 100 days.

When I first started documenting my outfits, I really didn’t think that much would come out of this. I thought that it would just be a fun project to explore my love of fashion. While I certainly got to have that fun, there were surprises that I didn’t see coming.

Since doing this challenge, I have become much more confident and less afraid to stand out. For 22 years, I always felt compelled to following the rules because that would ensure not only that I would get what I want, but I would do it safely. Well, I discovered that rules were made to be broken. You can still get what you want, whether you play by the rules or not – you just have to own it.

What started out as a fun challenge, ended up being something that took me out of my comfort zone and dare to try something new. I believe that everyone should feel this at some point in their lives.

Thank you to everyone who had been keeping up with my posts, both on my blog, Twitter and Instagram. I appreciated the support.

Here’s hoping an even bigger and more stylish career will come in the near future!

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