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In my last post, I talked a lot about the past. In this post, I’m only interested in talking about the future.

2016 is a new year, a chance to turn over a new leaf. As much as I enjoyed 2015, there are many things that I would have changed or done differently. Rather than stew about it, I am going to be more proactive about making these changes so that I can be a much happier human being.

  1. I will finally get my ears pierced, because I’m missing out on some adorable accessories.
  2. I will finally decide whether or not I am going to get a tattoo, because that is a very permanent change.
  3. I will tell more people to F*ck off, especially the ones who deserve it.
  4. I will continue to establish my career in the realm of fashion journalism and be more confident about seeing myself as a business woman.
  5. I will start to look into doing a postgrad that will not only help me get more experience in my line of work, but will also help me on the road towards Columbia University.
  6. I will let go of the people who left me on a dirt road, forgotten in the cobwebbed area of their minds.
  7. I will commit myself to my creative writing and work on getting a literary agent.
  8. I will practice kindness – towards others and more importantly, myself.
  9. I will make a more conscious effort to travel and experience this crazy beautiful world in its entirety.
  10. I will welcome opportunities – whether these opportunities come in the form of love, careers, friendships or travel. And I won’t think too hard about them.
  11. I will take more chances.
  12. I will feel less alone.
  13. I will be braver.
  14. I will love myself.
  15. I will be happy.