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58382ef7e505704b69855b56e9e4397cIf you’ve been keeping up with Canadian politics at all, you’d know that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has certainly been the talk of the town. Whether it be his looks or his burgeoning politic career, the whole world seems to be talking about Justin.

However, another figure we are catching a glimpse of and taking an interest in is the woman by his side: Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, his wife of ten years.

A woman in her own right, Sophie has established herself as a TV host as well as an activist for women’s rights, citing her history with bulimia in the past as her reason for passion.

Now that she has been thrown into the spotlight after her husband’s election win back in October, all eyes have been on Sophie’s sense of style. And she has not disappointed.MONTREAL, QC - MAY 28: Justin Trudeau's bride Sophie Gregoire arrives at Sainte-Madeleine D'Outremont Church, Montreal, for their wedding ceremony here, May 28, 2005.

Okay, so we are going to do a little bit of a throwback. Before Justin had even begun a political career, he was just a teacher who had fallen in love with Sophie, then a personal shopper for Holt Renfrew.

While Trudeau was not a fixture in politics, his wedding was still a big deal in the media since he is the eldest son of Late former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Realizing that all eyes would be on her, Sophie pulled out all the punches for her big day.

If you’re looking to have this exact dress, you might have some difficulty. Sophie helped design this ethereal dress with a Montreal-based boutique called Les Noces Couture.

Sophie’s wedding dress differs from the traditional bridal gowns, as this dress is completely original, much like the bride herself. It is not a typical Cinderella-style wedding dress, and the gold lace embroidery demonstrates Sophie’s knowledge of fashion.

Safe to say, Sophie was destined to be Canada’s next fashion icon.
00-11-life-sophie2comkOkay, time to go to Sophie’s present-day fashion, which has stunningly improved in the last ten years.

For Justin Trudeau’s swearing-in as Prime Minister, Sophie cleverly chose to represent Canadian fashion by choosing an alpaca wrap coat by Toronto-based Sentaler and dress by CAFA award-winner Erdem.

Thus far, Sophie’s opted for more neutral colours, which is an interesting choice because a lot of first ladies will try to go for something really bold and statement-making.

This is a case where simplicity is the boldest thing a lady can achieve.

Sophie has already been branded “Canada’s Kate Middleton” and this outfit is evidence.

This pale pink dress is similar to a number of dresses that Kate Middleton has been wearing to a number of public events and the fascinator is something that the Royal family would wear to a function.

While it is still too early to tell whether Sophie could have the same effect as Kate Middleton in terms of sales of replica clothes (i.e. Kate Middleton’s engagement dress), I think Sophie is on the right track. She’s not afraid to take chances with her wardrobe, which I, along with the rest of Canada, are really enjoying.

The outfit that Sophie wore for the Remembrance Day ceremony echoes that of another political wife – Jacqueline Kennedy. Both women knew how to dress for different events.

The grey for Remembrance Day emphasized the sombre mood of the day. Sophie has a talent for dressing in accordance to the mood of the events, by dressing in white, black, grey and even simple details in her hats, pins and or details in her dresses.

The subtle grey also helped bring attention to the red poppy on her coat, reminding us about the sacrifice and loss associated with the War.
6e7b38e4f120d6f226470a5dfa27abb3“I associate beauty with health, physically and mentally. Health and beauty go together.” ~ Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau