I promise, I’m almost done (98 + 99)


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If you’re at the point where you’re saying, “Ugh, is this girl almost done posting pictures of herself in her clothes?” Good news: The end is VERY near!

While I get to planning on what my finale outfit will be, I am here to present days 98 and 99 – I hope you like them as much as I had fun wearing them!

DAY 98

Business fashion is supposed to be boring? Let’s debunk that rumour right now.

While it is of the upmost importance to always look professional in a boardroom setting, you want to avoid looking one-dimensional. You want to have some parts of your personality reflected in your outfit.

For me, if I had to describe myself as a print, I wouldn’t have to think twice about the answer: it’s polka dots. I have loved polka dots since I was a little girl and assumed that I would have to give up my love for them when I started working. Turns out, there are ways to wear polka dots, even in the working environment.

By keeping the focus on my polka dot skirt, I chose a simple blouse with black buttons to contrast with the white polka dots in my skirt.

CVU88ctWIAAdfPJBlouse – H&M

Skirt – JC Penny

DAY 99

I’ve been loving – and feeling – blue lately, so obviously I need to put a little bit of it into my wardrobe, right?

I seldom ever wear scarves, but when I do, I always pick ones that have a delicate or intricate design on them such as the one below.

I was also recently gifted this Michael Kors tote bag from my godmother and I have been dying to put an outfit together that would match the purse. The scarf had tones of blue and teal, which match the purse and the blue kitten heels I paired this casual outfit with.

Complete the outfit by rolling up your jeans twice and slip on a leather jacket and you will completely own street style fashion.

CVpYAdzUkAA-vvGLeather Jacket – Forever21

Scarf – Costa Blanca 

Top – Brandy Melville

Jeans – Calvin Klein

Tote Bag – Michael Kors

Kitten heels – Forever21

One day. There is one day left. I am 99% done this challenge. How in the hell did I get so far?! 


Runnin’ wild on days 96 & 97


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These last couple of days, I have been feeling inspired by animal printed items and faux fur clothes.

I think that faux furs and animal prints give you a creative and fun outlet when it comes to fashion and you don’t have to take it seriously. Rather, you can experiment and have fun with it. Fashion is only daunting if you convince yourself that it is.

DAY 96

This dress is proof that not everything from the late 70s and early 80s is completely horrible or tacky. This dress belonged to my mother when she was in her twenties and I gotta say, my mom was one trendy babe!

What I love about this dress is that it is sexy without being overtly sexual or revealing too much. It is actually rather simplistic. The most dramatic thing about this dress is the leopard print, so if there were cutouts or a lot of skin showing, then it would be deemed as tacky.

CU2S6e8UYAA40YgDress – Mother’s dress from the 80s 

DAY 97 

Does anyone here watch Empire? I just started, and I have got to say, Cookie Lyon is every stylist’s dream.

What I love about Cookie (besides her badass personality and overall sass) is that her sense of style is bold and experimental. Can you imagine Cookie ever dressing plain? Hell no.

Thanks to Cookie, I have a lot more fun being experimental and putting together larger than life outfits because, why the hell not? Life is too damn short, anyway.

CVKTK8cU8AAjU-PHat – H & M

Coat – H & M

Sunglasses – Plato’s Closet

Pants – Forever21

Can’t believe I’m almost done!! Crazy right?! 

Eating disorders and the holidays


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When people think of the holiday season, they think of time spent with family, holiday specials on TV and lots of festive food. For people who struggle with eating disorders, the holiday season means something else entirely.

For those who struggle with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, the holidays act as a trigger and stressor to continue “extreme” dieting or the binge-purge coping mechanism. This inevitably leads to feelings of shame, guilt and disgust.

As someone who is currently trying to overcome her own eating disorder, I know how stressful the holidays can be on someone who is battling their own eating disorder. I feel that it is important to find ways to cope or at least bring yourself back from these triggers, especially if they occur during the holiday season.

  • Keep a Journal with you

Something that has always been incredibly helpful for me during my recovery has been journaling. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but I just feel safe when I have that pen in my hand. I use my journal entries to write down what I am feeling, why I am feeling this way and how it relates to my eating disorder struggles.

I know this past Thanksgiving, I wrote an entry about me feeling anxious because there would be lots of turkey and pumpkin pie and I was scared that I would lose all sense of control and feel disgusted with myself. I find that being able to track your patterns and why certain events had been triggered, you have the chance to sit down and evaluate the root of the issue.

  • Drink water and relax

I know that this tip sounds a little strange, but it does a world of good. If you do “slip-up” during the holidays, drinking water will not only help to clean you out, but it will help soothe you.

Also, doing yoga or meditating is a positive outlet for dealing with possible triggers and relapses, as it will help bring you back to being “yourself” and take away that negative energy plaguing your holidays and eating patterns.

  • Take care of your physical needs

Don’t focus on your anxiety surrounding food. Take care of your physical needs first. Haven’t showered or shaved? Do it. Dirty dishes? Done. Laundry? Folded and put away. Small “real-world” accomplishments help bring me out of my head and back to reality. It’s also really uplifting to feel clean and sexy once in a while. Feel free to pamper yourself when cleaning. Bath bomb away. Homemade spa days are the greatest.

  • Go for a run

I run. I run hard, and I run fast. I can actually feel myself escaping the grip holiday eating anxiety can have on me, most of the time. It’s very liberating, empowering, and excellent at putting my mind at ease. Positive self-talk throughout the run also helps. “You are bigger than this. You are stronger than this. YOU WILL BE OK.”

  • Talk to someone – professionally or not

I cannot emphasize this tip enough. Silence is one of the most deadly symptoms for eating disorders and the more you talk about it, the easier recovery will be. While I know that some people are not able to explicitly talk about their eating disorder or have made their eating disorder known to their friends and family, even just having someone there to help distract and comfort you is all you need.

I know that the holiday season is a difficult time for me, so if there is a chance that I will relapse or am in distress, I will message one of my best friends and just explain to them the state that I’m in and they have always been incredibly supportive and know not to overwhelm me with too much talk and just assure me that I’ll get through it. I will also talk to my mom just about feeling anxious, and she will help me to strategize a plan to come back from a relapse or an anxiety attack surrounding food and the holidays.

Sometimes, people get to the point where they need to talk to someone professionally about their eating disorder. I know that when I went to therapy, it opened up a lot of doors that I hadn’t realized had been closed.

Therapy helps you change your perspective from negative to positive. You also figure out why you have these problems, which helps you get to the root of them in order to fix them. I went from not being able to enjoy my family Christmas parties without feeling anxiety to not feeling guilty for wanting a scoop of ice cream with my pumpkin pie.

Of course I still have “what if” thoughts, but I use it as fuel to prove to myself that I can do it. It doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m so glad that I made the choice to go because I was tired of food deciding whether I would be happy or not.

  • Be Kind to yourself

For the love of god, be kind to yourself. It’s so easy to blame yourself for what you are feeling, but the fact is that your emotions are valid and you’re not to blame. In fact, you’re pretty god damn amazing and you will get through this.

When it comes down to it, the holidays are supposed to be a time to be with your loved ones and have fun. For people who suffer with eating disorders, it shouldn’t be a burden or a source of anxiety. If someone you love is battling anorexia, bulimia or other variations of eating disorders, be a little sensitive towards them this holiday season. Recognize that they are struggling with mental illness and don’t shame them for it. Be patient and sensitive. They want to enjoy the holidays just as much as you do.


94 + 95


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I’m almost done.

For Day 94, I was feeling very gothic ballerina, much like Natalie Portman in her Academy Award-winning performance in Black Swan. The dress I got at a local indie store in downtown Toronto, while the belt was part of another outfit from Vero Moda.

CURU1CmWEAAof69For Day 95, I further explored my love of gingham print and solely focused on the Forever21 skirt. I kept it simple with a black long sleeve from Forever21 and black and white tassel flats from Kate & Mel.


“How to pretend it doesn’t hurt” by Ashe Vernon


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“When he says
he doesn’t love you anymore,
roll your shoulders back
and look him in the eye
even when it feels like your ribs
are breaking inward, like spider legs.
when he digs up old aches
that he swore he forgave you for,
and ask him why he didn’t leave you sooner.
ignore the way the words feel like sandpaper
running all the way up your throat to your mouth.
when he blames you
for mistakes that wear his face,
do not scream.
do not cry.
tell him that there are boys
who would be proud to say they’d loved you.
tell him that in two years
you won’t even remember his name
and don’t let him see the way you can taste your own lie.
when he leaves
ignore the howling in your blood
and do not get up after him.
not even to lock the door.
do not, do not
do not.
smell his shirts when you box them up
to give them back.
not one.
swear off dating when you realize
you’re chasing ghosts that wear his smile.
it’s okay to cry over him.
it’s even okay to forgive him.
but do not go back to him.
if he did not know how to love you the first time,
he won’t know how to do it the next.”

Sometimes, words have more power over you than people do.

50 shades of grey on day 93


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So, I have a funny story about this outfit.

My mother had a conference to go to, and she took my straightener. Since she took something of mine, I decided to take something from her. Well, I took two things to be exact: the scarf and the boots.

My mother got the scarf from Zara when she was in China last week and these boots of hers have been the envy of the town, so how could I not borrow them?

Also, this pretty warm weather in November has me feeling pretty hopeful that this upcoming winter won’t be too terrible like it has been the last couple of years (Fingers crossed!!).

CT9X8Z4UAAA5trjHat – Urban Behaviour 

Scarf – Zara

Blouse – H&M

Belt – Vero Moda 

Pants – Winners

Boots – Winners 

Thanks for reading my posts! If you have any outfit recommendations, let me know – could definitely use some creative inspiration!! 



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I can’t believe that there are only 8 days left. I feel like I have a hundred outfits to choose from, and yet I also feel like I don’t have enough originality in any of them. But I am determined to make these last few days memorable and fashionable as always!

When I was working Fashion Week, it was apparent to me that faux fur was a major trend this season. Naturally, I decided to go along with the trend and buy this faux fur vest. As an animal lover, I make sure that all of my clothes are ethical and animal friendly and avoid real animal skins and furs.

I also threw on this new hat (making its debut!) and accessorized with black and gold accessories. I went for an edgy chic look for this particular outfit.

CTopyWwU8AAqr7pHat – Marshalls 

Vest – Suzy Shier

Tank top – Old Navy

Square ring – Forever21

Eclipse ring – Suzy Shier

Pants – Winners

Thank you to everyone who has liked and commented on my posts and has stayed with me throughout this last year! 


The Evolution of the Hollywood Leading Man


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In light of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 41st birthday, I wrote an article for Journo Hub – Check them out, great stuff here!

the journo hub

[Max Vadukul, Esquire] With The Revenant premiering in a month, everyone has been talking about Leonardo DiCaprio, wondering if this will be the year he finally gets his Oscar.

Playing fur trapper Hugh Glass, it is clear that DiCaprio has evolved from a fresh-faced teen dream to a mature actor who has no fear of the roles he takes.

When looking at his twenty-six year career, it is obvious that DiCaprio began his career as a dreamy teen idol, but quickly transformed into the leading man that he has become today.

But what makes a leading man DiCaprio’s evolution in his movies and roles is evidence enough. As we look at this evolution, be prepared to fall madly in love…

Quirky Child Star (1990-1992)

Picture: Everett Collection/REX Picture: Everett Collection/REX

When Leonardo DiCaprio first joined the Hollywood scene in Parenthood alongside Tobey Maguire, it is hard to imagine him amounting to the sexy…

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91 days at Queen’s Park


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DAY 91

We’ve officially entered the final ten days and I’m determined to keep my most original and fun outfits for these last few days. I don’t know what I’ll post about once I’m done, but I’ll worry about that when the 100th day actually comes.

Last night, my older sister received the Caring Canadian award from the Governor General at Queen’s Park. There was a rather strict dress code, and while some people get stressed out when the words “business attire” are thrown at them, I don’t feel that same sense of dread.

I bought this vintage Banana Republic peacoat at a consignment store months ago and haven’t had an event to wear it to yet. When I got my invitation, I knew that I would have to create an outfit around this coat.

I paired the coat with my pale pink Betsey Johnson pumps, which I haven’t worn since my graduation from Laurier back in June.

I originally wanted to find a dress that was a pale pink, but that would have been an overload of pink and too “cute” for this particular event. Instead, I decided to colour block and make the coat the big attraction by wearing a simple chiffon shift dress from Topshop.


(with my sisters)


(Before the event)

Coat – Banana Republic

Dress – Topshop

Necklace – Gift from my mother

Pumps – Betsey Johnson 

100 – 91 = 9 more days! AHHHHH